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Do you know about the visa for digital nomads in Portugal?

Posted by equipa5estrelas on March 9, 2023

Are you ready to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle and make Portugal your new home?
If so, you have within your reach the DIGITAL NOMAD VISA IN PORTUGAL.

This new visa is designed specifically for those who want to work remotely while living in Portugal. It is valid for one year and allows you to live and work in the country without the need for a traditional work visa.

One of the biggest benefits of the Portuguese “Digital Nomads” visa is that it gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the country. This means that you can work anywhere, from the busiest cities like Lisbon or Porto, to more relaxed cities on the coast or inland, or even in the total tranquility of the most picturesque rural areas.

visa for digital nomads in Portugal

But, the advantages of the visa for digital nomads in Portugal do not stop there.

Portugal is known for providing an unparalleled quality of life. It has a friendly population, a very balanced climate, and a very competitive cost of living relative to other European destinations, which makes it especially affordable for digital nomads. In addition, it is a country with a rich history and culture, with beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and delicious food. All of this together has made Portugal one of the favorite destinations for nomads from all over the world!

How can you qualify for the Portuguese “Digital Nomads” visa?

You must be a citizen of a non-European country and meet the requirements, which are fairly simple, but require some preparation. After submission of the documentation, the visa process is relatively quick, with most visas being issued within a few weeks.
To start the process, we recommend filling out the online form and requesting an appointment at the Consular Section, or the nearest Portuguese Embassy, at the following link.

You can start now to gather all the necessary documents, including your passport, and proof of employment or income that will support you during your stay.

Specifically, the visa application must be accompanied by:
1) Document(s) attesting to your current tax residence.
2) Proof(s) of average monthly income in the last 3 months, with a minimum value equivalent to four minimum monthly salaries in Portugal. Currently, this the value of the minimum monthly retribution is 760 euros.
3) Proof(s) of employment during your stay. In the case of dependent employment, the documents to be presented are an employment contract or a statement from your employer proving the employment relationship. In the case of self-employed activity, you must present a service contract or a document demonstrating the services provided to one or more entities.

You can find more details on these official Portuguese government websites:

visa for digital nomads in Portugal

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